This is a still-in-progress list of planets and worlds holding life in various forms.


  • Organic life: carbon-based life (ex: Humans on Earth)
  • Exotic life: non-carbon-based biochemistry
  • Unicellular organism: organism consisting of only one cell (ex: bacteria, algae, fungi)
  • Pluricellular (or multicellular) organism: organism consisting of more than one cell (ex: animals, plants)
Name Molecular structure Cell organism Class Diameter (km) Mass (kg) Earth Similarity Index (ESI) Semimajor axis (km) Orbital period (day) Rotation Period (day) Oblateness Age (years) Gravity (g) Atmospheric pressure (atm) Temperature (K)
Earth Organic Multicellular (Marine, Terrestrial) Temperate terra with Life 12756.280 N/A .984 1AU 365.25 1 0.00335 4.54B 1 1